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Guitar China — For The Love of Guitar! is China’s premier online brand of music and indispensable to the daily life of millions of Chinese who use the content for their guiar news, guitar lesson and guitar music .

As China’s most comprehensive guitar music web site, GuitarChina is based on e-time and has a vision to popularize guitar arts, promote guitar music, widen access on the internet for more people to understand and enjoy guitar! GuitarChina is the platform of choice for guitar fans to promote their guitar life, GuitarChina disseminates guitar culture, and contributes to the guitar industry in China!

GuitarChina has become the most visited, has the most membership, is most well-known, has the strongest specialization and is welcomed by more guitar enthusiasts among all guitar network media in China! The website completely uses dynamic programming. It combines the specialized professional designs and the emphasis on user friendlyness in the high-speed e-time development, creating the e-meida for guitar in China.

The GuitarChina forum is the strongest, most specialized and most visited guitar forum on the internet. By Oct. 2017, the registered membership had surpassed 1370,000, messages posts over 23’600’000 and simultaneous on-line visits exceeding 10,000 daily.

GuitarChina has became the main platform for domestic guitar music information. It is also the first Chinese guitar website to introduce a English version.

Nearly all Chinese guitar artists have become GuitarChina ‘s honored guests and consultants, and join variousGuitarChina ‘s activities,Froming an unbeatable performance association.

A lot of world famous guitar heroes and Rock Bands have been invited to perform in China by GuitarChina!
We’ve successfully hosted concerts as follow:
Megadeth(2),Overkill,Joe Satriani,Tommy Emmanuel(4),Steve Vai(2004),David Russell,Mike Stern, Venom Inc.,Arch Enemy(2),DGM,HIM,Vader,COB(2014),Peter Hook,Peter Murphy,Richie Kotzen,Atrocity,Leaves Eyes,MoonSpell, Darkmoor,The Wailers,Korpiklaani,Amorphis, Behemoth(2), Soilwork,P.O.D.,Omnium Gatherum,Finntroll,All time low, At the Gates, Persefone, As blood runs black,Turisas,Eluveitie(2),Destruction,Cradle of Filth,Epica,PIL,Graveworm,Miss May I,Firewind,Insomnium,Iced Earth,Sum41,Lacrimsa profundere,Acoustic Alchemy,Lake of tears,MoonSorrow,Helloween ,Stratovarius,Rhapsody of Fire,Gamma Ray,Lamb of God,In Flames,Sonata Arctica,Amon Amarth,Arch Enemy,Kreator,Lacrimosa(4),DragonForce,Symphony X,Dreamtheater,Nightwish,Dark Tranquility(3),Skylark,Vision Divine,Marty Friedman,Goncalo Pereira,Neil Zaza,Michael Angelo,Bob Moses,Billy Sheehan,George Lynch,Paul Gilbert ,Gary Hoey,Joe Stump,Stuart Hamm,Nuno ,etc.

GuitarChina is cooperating with many famous musical instrument companies!~
Our partners are:
BOSS、Digitech、Dunlop、EH、Fender、Framus、Gibson、Ibanez、Jose Ramirez、Laney、Line6、Martin、Morley、Peavey、Perez、Randall、RockBass、Rodriguez、Roland、Samick、Schecter、Takamine、Taylor、t.c.electronic、Warwick、Washburn、Yamaha etc.

GuitarChina is making steady strides on the right track moving towards prosperity. GUITARCHINA will continue to diligently construct and develop the best guitar network in China, making our contribution for China’s guitar industry!

Welcome to, welcome to China!

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